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Bed frame

There are few things in life that you really need to spend many hours on before you buy. Selecting furniture is one of those things, especially for some necessary furniture in our life such as bed frame or sofa. Now I will lead you to clear the classification of bed frame in material, style and design to know more about daily usage.

Choose bed frame according to the size

The bed frame is usually designed in 4 sizes including twin, full, queen and king size bed frame, which are suitable for different space room.

Choose bed frame according to the type

Canopy bed frame with built-in metal headboard

Due to the high canopy, this style of bed frame is often decorated in big and high space bedroom. You can hang a netting in summer to stop annoying mosquitoes from entering.

Bed frame with metal headboard and wooden slats

The triangular iron plates provide stronger support and stability. Wooden slats have adhesive strips to prevent sliding.

Platform metal bed frame with wooden slats

The wood board is designed with Velcro during installation and easily used in not very high space room, or in a modern style bedroom.

The price range of the above 3 type bed frame is from 80 USD to 170 USD with free shipping in whole the United States. Shop one you like here for a wonderful sleeping!

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