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Storage drawer

How to store messy small objects is an annoying problem. In addition to buying wardrobes, the fabric storage drawer is also a good choice.

Store your clothes with a fabric storage drawer

The wardrobe is more for hanging clothes, while the fabric dresser is mainly for placing folded clothes and some small items. It is recommended to buy a wide dresser to store winter. Remember to confirm the size of the storage drawer before purchase to ensure that it can be successfully placed.

The highlight of fabric dresser

Our fabric dresser is solidly sprayed with a steel frame. High-quality material not only ensures internal stability but also extends the service life. Moreover, such fabric can be scrubbed easily.

The type of YITAHOME's fabric dresser

According to the shape, it can be divided into high fabric dresser and wide fabric dresser. According to the number of drawers, there are 2 drawers, 4 drawers,5 drawers,7 drawers, 8 drawers and 10 drawers dresser. Among them. 2 drawer chest has an open space for books and ornaments. Some have handles for easy pull and push. Depending on the placement and space,  they can be used as a bedside table or sofa table. In short, there are different styles for you to choose from.

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