Furniture Daily Maintenance

  1. Daily maintenance of leather sofas and fabric sofas

    8 piece patio set

    Leather sofas and fabric sofas are the two most common types of sofas in the family. If they are properly maintained, they can be used for a long time. What should you pay attention to in daily use?

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  2. How To Care Fabric Dresser?

    fabric dresser

    Maintaining fabric furniture is a headache, because cloth is particularly easy to absorb dust. Pay attention to the following three points, your fabric dresser will always keep its original appearance.

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  3. How to Clean the fabric dresser?

    Fabric Dresser

    The fabric dresser features a light weight and compact structure that allows you to easily fit it in any space, meeting your organizational needs. For the one you just bought, it is best to spray the cleaner to the surface to prevent the dirt.

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