2021 best shoe storage boxes review

shoe storage boxes

I have more than 50 pairs of shoes, YITAHOME’s shoe storage box truly helps me solve messy room nightmares, Amy said, a big fan of our online store.

What is the charm of the YITAHOME shoe box? Let's take a look at what customers say.

Real review of shoe storage boxes

No. 1

This big size 12 pcs shoe storage box is suitable for men's shoes up to 14 inches and women's shoes up to 15 inches, so I buy it for my family.

My family uses shoe rack before, and they always turn the room into a complete disaster when we plan to pull a pair of shoes from the bottom. More than 10 pairs of shoes in different colors are stored on the same shelf. It takes a long time to find the pair I really want, which makes the process of finding shoes more painful.

YITAHOME clear shoe boxes allow me to see exactly what is inside without opening the door. Also, children make a label on the box so that they can quickly find what they want. It is really a perfect shoe storage solution for the home.

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No. 2

My first and simplest quick fix was organizing my shoes in my closet with YITAHOME small size 18 pcs shoe boxes. Once assembled the boxes can be stacked to fit in whatever way best suits your closet and have clear locker-like doors. I’ve fit well over a dozen in my set and I can finally find my shoes much easier. Quick, simple installation and durable quality item. By the way, the mixed color is the highlight of it, very beautiful! 

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No. 3

How to store shoes often makes us very distressed. After trying many shoe storage solutions, we find that YITAHOME 18 psc shoe storage boxes can totally meet our demand. The drop-front plastic door gives you easy access to find the one you need rather than piling up shoes like a mountain when using shoe rack.

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No. 4

YITAHOME clear shoe storage boxes is perfect for keeping my shoes and make it easy to arrange boxes on the closet. It is also simpler to stack the boxes thanks to their sturdiness

The best clear shoe storage box should be stackable, well ventilated and free of odor. YITAHOME shoe box bears all these characteristics. Shop one with peace of mind from YITAHOME online store whether it is used by you or your family.

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