5 things you must know before decorating your bedroom

bedroom decor

As a private space, you can design the bedroom completely according to your own ideas. Today, take a look at the matters needing attention and design principles for bedroom decoration!

1。Centered on the bed

In interior design, almost every space has a focus. The design focus in the bedroom is the bed. The decoration style, layout, and color should be developed with the bed as the center. In the bedroom, the bed occupies the largest area. Therefore, you must first determine the position, style and color of the bed, and then consider other factors. In addition, you can place some furniture around bed such as 8 drawer chest, side table and recliner chair etc, but don't put too much, for it may cause depression.

2.The ceiling decoration

Do less complicated ceiling

In order to sleep at ease, it is best not to use complicated ceilings in the bedroom, generally with straight lines and a simple top surface.

The sound insulation

If the top surface is not soundproof, it will affect sleep. When choosing a ceiling gypsum board, it is best to choose a thickness that meets the standard. Also, some sound-absorbing and sound-insulating materials, such as cotton, high-density foam board, fabric board, etc., can be added to the middle layer of the top surface.

3.Bedroom wall decoration

No matter which area you are decorating, wall decoration cannot be ignored. The bedroom wall surface should be simple in terms of shape. As for color selection, it must be decided according to bedroom style and personal preference. The focus of bedroom wall decoration is mainly reflected in two aspects including decoration materials and the sound insulation effect of the wall.

4.Bedroom floor decoration

Floor decoration materials are mainly ceramic tile, floors and carpets. We recommend that you choose floor and carpet so that people can have a comfortable foot touch.

5.Bedroom door and window decoration

Bedroom door

When choosing a bedroom door, you need to consider the requirements for silence and environmental protection. Therefore, you should be cautious when choosing solid wood doors.

Bedroom windows

When choosing bedroom windows, you need to decide according to your own living environment. You can choose window frames with better sound insulation such as aluminum alloy and plastic steel windows. Vacuum glass has the best sound insulation.


Choosing opaque curtains will help us effectively relieve fatigue during sleep.


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