5 easy steps to buy a sofa

sofa buying guide

Sofa, as the most practical and decorative furniture in the living room, can directly affect the overall style and taste of your life. It plays a decisive factor in the living room. So how do choose it?


First of all, the sofa selection should be based on the size of the living room, and its size needs to match the indoor style. Secondly, pay attention to the firmness and comfort of the sofa frame, sit down and try the quality when buying.

If the living room is small, you should choose a small and exquisite sofa. If the living room is larger, a bigger sofa needs to be considered for convenient and comfortable use.


Choosing a sofa depends on whether it matches the style of the interior. If the living room is in a Chinese style, a solid wood sofa can be a better choice. It is more appropriate to choose a European-style sofa for a European-style living space. The fabric sofa is suitable for simple style space, for its overall look be more coordinated and more beautiful.


A sofa with good quality is the key when choosing. The frame of the sofa must be firm and reliable. The best way to check is to try whether there is a feeling of shaking at different angles. Some sofas are prone to decay, insects, scars, burrs, etc., so pay special attention when purchasing.

Comfort level

The comfort of the sofa is invisible, so you have to touch it with your hand to experience how it feels. It is best to sit on the spot and try the softness and hardness. Sitting on a sofa that is too hard for a long time will cause muscle pain, while a sofa that is too soft will feel like the whole person is trapped inside, which may cause back problems.

If you can feel the frame of the sofa by leaning on the sofa, it means that there are relatively few fillers and it is not recommended to buy. Choose the sofa that you can feel comfortable regardless of any postures.

Daily maintenance

When choosing a sofa, you should think about whether it is easy to clean. The sofa that is not resistant to dirt and inconvenient to clean will waste a lot of energy.

The sofa is the center of the living room, so be careful when buying. Keep the above 5 points in mind to create a comfortable and bright living space!

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