Home storage solutions to save your budget (under $200)

Home storage solutions to save your budget (under $200)

It's always a good time to give your home a new look whatever from the entryway to a bedroom or from the playroom to the basement. There are some economically friendly products to make your organization easier without breaking your budget.

Shoe boxes-start with $33.99 

Among many shoe storage solutions, personally, shoe box surpass others. Shoe boxes are durable and usually attractive, keeping your room tidy and orderly, not just cluttered shoes. It's not an exaggeration to say that shoe box is versatile, you can put the socks in the box or under the kitchen sink to store cleaning supplies. Of course, putting extra toiletries in the bathroom drawers and cupboards is also a good idea. The YITAHOME shoe storage box starts at US$33.99. It is not only of high quality but economical and well-received.

Fabric dresser-start with $49.99

A fabric dresser is an ultimate solution that provides endless organizational possibilities, and you have many options to shop a suitable one from 2 drawers to 10 drawers with the lowest price of $49.99. Why do you need a fabric dresser? It can keep your home clear of clutter while bringing a stylish style to your room.

Makeup organizer-$29.99

A makeup organizer can hold much more than makeup. The separated space can still organize jewelry but also other small, easily misplaced items, which shows that a little creativity goes a long way in the world of storage. 


The bookcase is perfect for small apartments and studio lofts, and it can refresh your living room while bringing you a cozy space to read your favorite books. Different shelves give you more options. It can support more weight, but it also lasts longer, so you can keep your favorite books on hand or display framed family photos.

Also, YITAHOME bookcase is constructed with wood and a durable steel frame, so it has good stability. A perfect platform for displaying potted plants, framed photos, collected curios, and books.


Meanwhile, the bookcase can bring fashionable addition to your home office, and helps you to enhance your living space or build a comfortable home office.

Perfect for displaying items


The simpler, the better, try to use these ideas to make your home organization cheap and creative.

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