steel filing cabinets

Steel filling cabinets are the most popular among all types of filing cabinets. Because of their durability and safety, as a tool for daily file storage, it is recommended that you choose steel. Steel filing cabinets are the most popular among modern filing cabinets. The steel file cabinet is green and environmentally friendly, which is convenient for long-distance hauling. Mainly to lengthen the archived files.


How to maintain?

The key to maintenance is to maintain and clean to avoid scratches by sharps. For stubborn stains, use detergent to wipe the surface. When placing steel file cabinets, please avoid direct sunlight to prevent the paint from oxidizing, and avoid overloading to prevent damage to the steel file cabinet structure. When you need to move, try not to drag it to avoid damage to the paint surface.


Advantages of steel filing cabinets

Due to the particularity of the material, it is very safe and environmentally friendly. Many new companies will choose steel filing cabinets. Now, most of the solid wood filing cabinets are made of melamine board. Although it is more textured, most consumers can't know whether it meets environmental protection standards, and due to the influence of the environment, the general life of solid wood file cabinets is about 5 years, and the steel file cabinet is not affected by the natural environment and is durable.


Longer life span can reach more than ten years. In terms of space selection, although solid wood file cabinets can be customized on-site according to actual locations, due to the increase in consumer demand in recent years, steel file cabinets have also appeared in various styles and sizes to meet the needs of different consumers. And in terms of fire resistance, steel filing cabinets have more advantages. In terms of price, steel filing cabinets also have more advantages than solid wood filing cabinets.