Things you must know before buying outdoor deck box

outdoor deck box

The outdoor deck box is perfect to store your patio tools, toys, charcoal, firewood and other small items, organizing your outdoor space in a stylish manner. More and more people feel confused about how to buy the best outdoor deck box, today you can find the inspiration here.

There are many factors to note when buying an outdoor deck box, but capacity, size, material, and locks are the first 4 considerations you must know.


The capacity is determined by your storage need. YITAHOME provides 3 different capacities including 11.5 Gallon, 100 Gallon, 119 Gallons. First consider what to store, then choose an outdoor deck box with proper capacity.


If your courtyard is very small, you certainly don’t want a large outdoor deck box. Therefore, the size is the next step to consider. YITAHOME deck storage box has 2 sizes, and the dimension is as follow.

Small size deck box: 13.4"L x 15.3"W x 16.5"H

Large size deck box:  13.4"L x 15.3"W x 16.5"H


If you don’t want an outdoor deck box with prolonged life, then carefully consider its materials. Resin and wood are the 2 common materials, but there is big difference between them. Resin is waterproof and durable, and never fade or dent under the bad weather, so it can completely withstand wind and rain, that’s why resin deck box is the most popular choice. Wood deck box is easy to mold. In winter, it is more suitable to be placed indoors and requires more time and energy to maintain.


The lock is also a core consideration. For safety reasons, an outdoor deck box with lock is recommended, especially for people with children. The lock can prevent them from touching some dangerous tools.

Highly recommend outdoor deck box

All YITAHOME Outdoor deck box can double as a bench or side table for serving food and drinks, but I highly recommend you to buy this small size deck box. It is not only cheap (just $38.69), but also bears a fashionable look, and very suitable for most outdoor living spaces.

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