permanent outdoor canopy

The permanent outdoor canopy is an important part of outdoor home design. As an architectural element, it creates an optical connection between the house and the outdoors. Let the space of the house extend to the outside, and let the embrace of the home extend outward.


The modern permanent outdoor canopy can exist independently, or it can be connected with the house as a whole to show its unique structure and color.


Among the current diversified design techniques, the simple style is undoubtedly the classic style of modern outdoor design and is most suitable for creating a pure and inclusive leisure atmosphere.


In the simple outdoor space, capture the fragments of sunlight and place the most exquisite objects. In the pure white, use the simplest structure to construct the most attentive life, inviting mottled light and shadow to meet guests with you. Taste the afternoon, the outdoor pergola is simpler and brighter. In the sun, the outdoor space it constructs brings a cordial and comfortable sense of oxygen, making people feel like they are in the clouds.


However, our permanent outdoor canopy goes through a series of procedures, waterproof and sunscreen, enjoy leisure life, in the sunny afternoon, not afraid of the sun, you can relax and chat in the courtyard. The materials used in the columns are wind-resistant, strong in load-bearing, not easy to rust, and can be used with confidence. Environmental protection, pollution-free, easy to clean, and take care of.