Thanksgiving day furniture checklist-celebrate your feast

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You can certainly make your room more comfortable and beautiful on this Thanksgiving day with all of the discounted furniture being offered by YITAHOME!

Right now, take up to 50% off for this big feast! This means all your favorite shoe boxes, storage drawer and more will be discounted, so we advise charging your laptop the night before to enjoy this online shopping of the season.

First we enjoy food

The Thanksgiving holiday is a day when we can remember all the things we take for granted on other days, and are thankful for them. People usually eat a lot of food such as Turkey, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie. Among them, Turkey is always a special one, it is usually prepared whole filled with fruit, vegetables or other stuffing. Almost every family has a Turkey in the middle of the table on Thanksgiving Day.

After eating, now is your best time for shopping! Which furniture should I buy? Check this list offered by YITAHOME, you will get more ideas about home decor and then celebrate your feast!

Then we enjoy shopping

The discount list about sales products



Shoe Box


Massage Chair


Recliner Chair


Storage Drawer


Bed Frame




Deck Box


Wood Filing Cabinets




Why should I buy them?

Shoe box

If you want to keep your shoes in good condition and avoid any kind of residue or germ build-up, and shoe box can help you do it! It can give your shoes the highest level of protection from dust, sunlight, and temperature extremes, and keep your room clean and tidy. With a flexible and foldable design, you can place it under the bed to avoid mess.

Massage chair

50% off massage chair for Thanksgiving day? Yes, it is! Why not save your money now while having a high-quality piece? YITAHOME massage chair is ergonomically designed to drag your neck all the way and massage tired muscles. The dual electric linear actuators can adjust the legs and back separately to provide a luxurious massage experience.

Other furniture

You still can enjoy 10%-25% off for other furniture during Thanksgiving day to decorate your living space.

Thanks to price-slashing, Thanksgiving day can be a good time to shop holiday gifts such as furniture and decor for your home. Whether you just moved into a new place or simply want to dress up your space, now it’s your chance to shop one big-ticket item. So feel good about adding them to your cart and then enjoy your Thanksgiving weekend!

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