The 4 most popular home office bookcases

home office bookcase

Whether you are working at home or creating a personal library, a practical bookcase is your best choice. Not only can it be used to organize books, but you can also use them to decorate home and display precious souvenirs and various small accessories. There are a large number of bookcases available today in various sizes and styles. Whether your home office is a retro style or modern style, you can find the right one to meet your needs.

What’s the 4 most popular bookcase at present? Let me share with you one by one.

Wall-mounted bookcase

When you live in a small space, every detail is important. The wall-mounted bookcase is closer to the wall, so it takes up less floor space. They can also hold more items than a traditional bookcase. YITAHOME’s wall mounted bookcases have different shelves including 3 shelves, 4 shelves, and 5 shelves, and you can choose one according to space.

In short, wall-mounted bookcase provides a lot of storage space in a corner of your home office.

3 shelf wall-mounted bookcase (shop now)

4 shelf wall-mounted bookcase (shop now)

5 shelf wall-mounted bookcase (shop now)

Tree bookcase

Do you want a bookcase that can show your personality? Are you looking for a new storage solution because of the small space? You can choose a tree-shaped bookcase. Tree bookcase is not the most effective, but it looks special and beautiful, fully reflecting your personality. The tree bookcase creates an ideal place for stacking books. Also, they make you feel like reading under a big tree. How wonderful it is!

White tree bookcase (shop now)

Cherry tree bookcase (shop now)

Open bookcase

The open bookcase is attractive for modern people. Made of sturdy wood, it can be used for a long time. It is a good solution in any corner of your home office to showcase books, potted plants and other decorations. With a steel frame, they bear high stability, so you never need to worry about the items falling from it. YITAHOME provides you with 3 shelves, 4 shelves, and 5 shelf open bookcase.

3 shelf open bookcase (shop now)

4 shelf open bookcase (shop now)

5 shelf open bookcase (shop now)

Bookcase with closed back

Each unit of bookcase with closed back has an independent grid, which can prevent dust from falling on the book. This kind of bookshelf is best placed against the wall to enhance stability. YITAHOME provides customers with 5 shelf bookcase with closed back including white and cherry.

White bookcase with closed back (shop now)

Cherry bookcase with closed back (shop now)

There is a few decorative and functional furniture in the home decoration, but bookcases are one of the most common and practical ones. They can be placed against the wall or directly installed on the wall, bringing you a wonderful feeling. Thus, never forget to purchase a suitable bookcase when it comes to home decor.

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