What should consider when buying indoor exercise bikes?

indoor exercise bike

When doing physical exercises, an indoor exercise bike is an interesting way to exercise. Sometimes, indoor activity is better than outdoors. The exercise bike can meet any of your requirements and can bring comfort to your body. There are many different types of indoor exercise bikes on the market, and how to choose a suitable one may not as easy as you expect. The following tips may give you some inspiration.

Must-Have Features

No matter what brand's stationary exercise bike you are interested in, you must focus on some must-have features that are, various resistance levels and comfortable seats.  

Clear and easy-to-use displays

A good exercise bike display must be easy to use and clearly show your speed, heart rate, calorie born, resistance, and workout time. Additionally, some exercise bikes may include built-in programs that can keep your exercise fresh and ever-changing.

Adjustable seating and handlebars

Adjustable seating and handlebars can maximize comfort, and give you a better experience! 


The pedal is where you place your feet. It is better to choose the exercise bike equipped with a loop or cage on the pedal, for it can fix your feet to ensure your safety when exercising.


Resistance mechanisms usually are related to its price, and it mainly includes strap-based resistance, mechanical or friction resistance, electromagnetic resistance.

Weight Limit

To avoid injuring yourself, you must pay attention to stability. If the indoor exercise bike is shaking, don't choose it! If you buy online, you must make sure of its stability by checking its weight. The heavier it is, the more stable it will be. Of course, Your weight does not exceed the maximum support weight, otherwise, safety may be compromised.

Set your goal

Finally, figure out your exercise goal. Seriously think about how often you are going to exercise and what kind of shape you always desire. Make a detailed workout plan and then keep them in mind.



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