outdoor sectional

The outdoor sofa set refers to a product set up in an open or semi-open space to meet people’s demands about healthy and comfortable public activities. It mainly covers urban public outdoor conversation sets, patio outdoor conversation sets, commercial outdoor conversation sets, and portable outdoor conversation sets.


The outdoor sofa set is an important element that determines the function of the outdoor space of the building.


However, what type of sofa set is the most durable?Let me introduce you to some common material of it.

Wood material

Generally speaking, you should choose wood with higher oil content, such as fir, pine, teak, etc. They must have been treated with anti-corrosion. However, due to long-term exposure to the outside, deformation is inevitable. If the workmanship is not good enough, such an outdoor sofa set is likely to fall apart due to a weak or incorrect expansion coefficient. In addition, wooden outdoor conversation sets require frequent maintenance with paint.

Plastic material

With the scarcity of wood resources, more and more fake wood products are also widely used, such as plastic wood, PVC, PS modified materials, etc. With the improvement of technology, the outdoor sofa set made of plastic material is more resistant to weathering. Also, most of them use recycled plastics, making a great contribution to environmental protection.

Metal Material

Compared with wooden outdoor sofa, metal materials are more durable, of which aluminum or water-resistant alloy materials are the best. But you should be careful to prevent impact.

Rattan material

The rattan outdoor sofa set looks beautiful, while bears low price. This is the most durable sofa I think. Commonly, rattan is the first choice of outdoor sofas. Yitahome’s sofa sets mostly use it and is highly praised by our customers.