The rattan sofa is light and generous, and the densely interwoven rattan is simple and refreshing. People are tired of the hustle and bustle and indifference of modern cities, and they are more and more aware of the preciousness of returning to innocence, longing to be intimately integrated with nature, arranging a room full of pastoral atmosphere, and giving themselves another living experience. In this sense, nature is fashion. Those rattan sofas and other rattan furniture inadvertently create the feeling of a small wooden house. The decorations made of small, earthy rattan can be completely free of shape and composition.

The rattan sofa has no chemical pollution

pure environmental protection furniture, strong heat absorption capacity, and maintains the natural greenness of bamboo. Bamboo furniture maintains the unique texture of bamboo. Bamboo furniture uses special glue, which is environmentally friendly and not harmful to humans.

Nobleness reveals elegance and warmth

Bamboo blends in furniture, and elegance reveals warmth in nobleness. It can also bring warmth in winter and coolness in summer. Bamboo has moisture-absorbing and heat-absorbing properties. It can absorb sweat in hot summer and can absorb sweat in cold winter. It can also give people warmth, or with a soft cushion, which is softer and more comfortable.

The ultraviolet rays make eyes comfortable and prevents myopia

Bamboo also has a sound insulation effect, making the home more peaceful. Bamboo furniture uses natural bamboo, which is a renewable resource and has a short production time. Bamboo furniture made of bamboo is natural and environmentally friendly, and is regarded as a new choice for fashion homes by people who advocate environmental protection.

Rattan sofa can effectively prevent moth-eaten and mildew

After a certain amount of hydrothermal carbonization treatment during the production of bamboo laminated timber, the finished product has good sealing properties and can effectively prevent moth-eaten and mildew. Compared with wooden furniture, bamboo has stronger physical and mechanical properties. Therefore, under the same bearing strength, the new laminated bamboo furniture components can meet the strength requirements with smaller dimensions, making the furniture appear lighter and more compact in overall shape. It can reflect the rigidity and beauty of bamboo.


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