How Yitahome's furniture wins the hearts of consumers? Let's take a look at what consumers say

This summer I was lucky enough to find a wonderful company that ticks all the boxes when it comes to home decor. 

8 piece outdoor sofa set

We try as a family to spend as much time as possible outside and enjoying the fresh air and sunshine. It’s been a goal of mine since moving to make our yard our own personal paradise. The one thing we’ve been missing is a patio set that we can really kick back and relax at. Something that we can unwind on once the nights get cooler we can watch a movie under the stars on our deck.  This seems like an easy task but finding something that is both affordable, stylish and durable is no small feet. 


Yitahome reached out to me to give an honest review of what I thought of their patio set and I was not disappointed. The set came in a reasonable amount of time and was an easy assembly that I partially did during my little ones nap time. We opted for the 8 piece outdoor sofa set and live that we have the ability to reconfigure it depending on what we are using our deck for at that time. It’s a sturdy set, with comfortable cushions that don’t fall flat. I’m a mother of two young kids and I can attest to its durability with rough little ones and the ability to clean up stains with ease. 

You can check out my assembly video below as well as find this set here. 


Yitahome does so much more than just patio furniture. I took full advantage of these last few months being stuck home to organize our house with a few different furniture pieces that yitahome also carries. 

Shoe box

My first and simplest quick fix was organizing my shoes in my closet with Yitahome’s shoe box. Once assembled the boxes can be stacked to fit in whatever way best suits your closet and have clear locker like doors. I’ve fit well over a dozen in my set and I can finally find my shoes much easier. Quick, simple install and again another durable quality item. 

8 drawer dresser

Next was tackling our accessories and seasonal wear with Yitahome’s 8 drawer dresser. This was even better than I was expecting to be honest. I had originally intended it to go in our spare rooms closet to better organize and be closed away. But after putting it together I realized how lovely a dresser it really was and it now stays out in our bedroom. The top is a hard sturdy and stylish wood, each drawer has wooden handles which accent the bins quite well. 

And last but certainly not least I received a console table which we now are using as an entry way table. It’s both decorative and functional and matches with any style decor. It’s simple yet stylish and was easy to put together. It’s yet another way Yitahome has helped to coordinate the chaos of our home. 


If you have any questions about these products please feel free to ask and I encourage you to check out their website to see how they can help make an impact in your own home! 




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