2022 best backyard decor ideas

2022 best backyard decor ideas
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2022 best backyard decor ideas

May 03, 2022

While garden retreats should be kept dainty and to a minimum to reflect the surrounding florals and vegetation, backyard parties and other outdoor entertaining demand a lot of durability, a lot of efficiencies – and a lot of style. Practical pieces in charming colors, like a sleek grey fire pit, crisp white dining set and an earthy wicker bar cart, can define and pull together any space. For added flair, you can even set aside a corner or area for a portable kitchen island – complete with your freshest appetizers – sure to be a hit with hungry guests! 

Backyard essentials

When choosing your backyard essentials, pay attention to material type; no matter how well decorated, your backyard furniture means nothing if it lacks weatherproof construction. Materials like wicker, teak and rust-free aluminum don’t just look nice; they work to prevent stains, fades and wear-and-tear and keep your staples fresh and comfy – even through years of rain and sun.

Once you’ve narrowed down your search for the perfect outdoor sofa, chair or dining set, consider style and texture. If you want casual at its coziest, go plush! Oversized sofa cushions and padded barstools provide spacious seating, laidback comfort and easy party vibes.

One final rule, when it comes to outdoor decorating, is that how you place your outdoor furniture is a major part of creating a relaxed atmosphere – and there are a couple key strategies to getting there. First, if your backyard overlooks a view, take advantage of it! Facing your chairs – and guests – towards a wall or dull corner can have a dampening (and even rigid) effect on the overall atmosphere, while a picturesque setting will encourage a calming, light ambience. Also, if you are throwing an afternoon barbeque or other daytime bash, remember to account for summer heat. Position seating areas near shady trees, or opt for a breezy umbrella, to help keep the temps comfortable, the mood chill and your party a refreshing hit.

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