Market analysis of massaging chair

Market analysis of massaging chair

Market analysis of massaging chair

Dec 25, 2020

The massaging chair is a popular product for modern families. It can give you a full range of massage, relieve fatigue, and release stress. However, do you know how it develops?

The massaging chair originated in Japan in the 1960s

A Japanese company developed the first fully automatic massaging chair. In the 1980s, some traditional electrical appliance manufacturers such as Panasonic and THRIVE began to get involved in this industry. With the increase of manufacturers, the types of massage products are gradually enriched. While massaging chairs continue to be enriched, small massage products with more portable and flexible characteristics are gradually being produced.
The pace of massaging chairs entering the family accelerated in the 1990s
At this time, the variety of small massage appliances has been further developed, and there are different massage products for feet, legs, waist, back, and head. In the influence of global integration, massage chair has developed rapidly, gradually moving from the markets of Japan, East Asia, and Southeast Asia to North America, Europe, and other regions.

Massaging chair has become popular Since the beginning of the 21st century

After decades of market cultivation, the massage appliance industry has formed several major consumer regions in North America, Europe, East Asia and Southeast Asia. In the field of production, with the rise of China as a world manufacturing center, the global massage appliance industry chain has begun to expand.
At present, Japanese manufacturers are also gradually withdrawing from the production of massage products with lower unit prices, focusing on the research and development of high-performance functional massage chairs.


Massaging chairs boast the largest market share and the highest added value among massage appliances. It is expected that in the future, as the global economy picks up and consumers' income levels increase, health awareness will greatly be improved. Under this case, the proportion of massaging chairs in massage products will continue to rise.

The targeted markets of massaging chair

Europe, America, Southeast Asia, and East Asian countries are the main consumer markets for massage products. In the 1960s, Japan was the birthplace of the massage appliance industry. After decades of market cultivation, the global massage appliance market has grown steadily and formed a relatively mature industrial chain. The focus of market development has gradually shifted from Japan, Southeast Asia, and East Asia turned to developed countries in Europe and America. So far, Europe, America, East Asia and Southeast Asia have become the world's main consumer areas of massage appliances.