Don't Buy Outdoor Sofa Until You Read This Buying Guide

Don't Buy Outdoor Sofa Until You Read This Buying Guide
Buying Guide

Don't Buy Outdoor Sofa Until You Read This Buying Guide

Nov 09, 2020

Nowadays, many families have their own balconies or gardens. It is worth thinking about buying a suitable outdoor sofa to make full use of this space. So, how can we choose a suitable outdoor sofa? Let me share with you the buying guide today.


Table of content

1.Measure the area of your courtyard and determine the shape you want to place


2.Material of outdoor sofa


 2.1Material of outdoor sofa


 2.2Material of outdoor sofa


3.What performance should be considered when buying an patio sofa?


4.Comparison between two different material sofas


5.Precautions for outdoor sofa placement


6.The price and type of Yitahome outdoor conversation sets


7.10 outdoor sofa set that you can’t buy


Measure the area of your courtyard and determine the shape you want to place

Before buying an outdoor sofa, you need to clarify the area of your courtyard and outline the shape you want to place in your mind. Although there is no fixed format for placing sofas, some common ways you need to know before purchase.


1-shaped arrangement for small courtyards

1-shaped is the most common display form for small courtyards. It is usually a combination of a 3-seat outdoor sofa set and a light lounge chair.

L-shaped arrangement for any venue

The 3-seat outdoor sofa and the 2-seat outdoor sofa form an L-shape, or 3-seat sofa and two single sofas, etc. The various changes are possible to make the courtyard colorful.

The arrangement of the L-shaped sofa will appear simple and generous. Generally speaking, the gray is the choice of most people. It can be matched with an off-white carpet to enhance the neutral sense of the space. Also, coupled with a smaller side table, space will be more coordinated.

The courtyard facing south or east can receive a lot of sunlight, breaking the restraint brought by the square space. The position of the 3-seat sofa and 2-seat sofa can be adjusted at will. If you like to enjoy the sun, this is a very reasonable arrangement

Enclosed outdoor sofa arrangement

If you want the whole family to eat together, or many friends sit around and talk closely, the enclosed type outdoor sofa arrangement is worth trying. Among fashionable and young families, this way is very popular. The sofa is arranged from four sides, and a coffee table can be set up in the middle. It makes the whole family look more cohesive and strengthens the sense of integrity. Besides, it is also convenient for family or friends to play board games.

As for the rectangular courtyard, you can take a large outdoor sofa as the main body, and match it with two single armchairs that can be placed at multiple angles. As long as a feeling of gathering and enclosure is formed, the goal is achieved.

The material of the outdoor sofa

Woven material

Whether synthetic fibers or natural fibers, they are usually chemically treated before leaving the factory to make them stronger and resistant to moisture. Wicker patio sofa should not be exposed to the sun for too long. If it is not used for more than two or three weeks, it is best to cover it. Also, the wicker patio sofa cannot be polished. In order to minimize the accumulation of bacteria, you can wipe it frequently with a damp cloth. After using it for a period of time, it is better to use a vacuum cleaner to suck up the dust in the crevices. Or use a brush, and then scrub the whole with neutral soap. Be careful not to use too much water, which may make the fibers fragile.

Wooden outdoor sofa

Most of the wood outdoor sofas can resist corrosion from nature. When changing seasons for maintenance, you can mix detergent with hot water to remove moldy substances on the surface and then rinse it. It can be polished with fine sandpaper to restore the original color. If the area is too large, you can use sandpaper and a brightener together. Do not use chlorine-containing bleach, it may damage wood fibers.

Metal outdoor sofa

Aluminum, cast iron, steel, and other metals can be deformed by heating to create rich shapes. Except for aluminum outdoor sofa set, other metal sofas often have a protective coating.

When daily cleaning, wipe gently with a lint-free cloth. Regularly check for rusty areas, especially in hidden corners, since even the stainless steel coating may be corroded in the seaside environment. It is worth noting that the previous layer of paint should be completely dry when cleaning. Humidity may affect the paint, so it is necessary to work in dry weather.

Fabric outdoor sofa

The fabric outdoor sofas are resistant to sun exposure, stains, humidity, and mildew. Meanwhile, it can withstand high-strength detergents. On weekdays, remove dust and fallen leaves, and other debris in time, and the stains should be wiped off with a damp cloth. What you should note is that the sunscreen cream can cause discoloration of the fabric.

Plastic outdoor sofa

Resin furniture is generally made of plastic, PVC, or PE, and they look similar to wood, wicker woven sofas. The plastic furniture set is the easiest to clean. Wipe it with a damp cloth, or scrub it with neutral soap. For stubborn stains, you can use a chlorine-containing bleach.

The material of the indoor sofa set

Daily household sofas can be divided into three categories, that is, fabric sofas, leather sofas, and solid wood sofas. In addition to the difference in external material, the sofa structure determines the comfort and durability. Conventionally, the internal material of the sofa mainly is wood that includes hardwood, pine, and paulownia, etc.

leather sofa

The natural leather is cowhide and pigskin. This series of sofa includes a leather sofa and imitation leather sofa, and the performance and price of the two are very different. Thus, pay attention to the distinction when buying. The leather sofa looks noble, luxurious, and durable, and generally placed in a spacious living room.

Solid wood sofa

The solid wood sofa is natural and simple, deriving from nature, so it always inadvertently reflects the harmonious charm of man and nature. The overall feeling it gives us is elegant. Besides, it is more environmental friendly and healthier than ordinary sofa sets. Moreover, the solid wood sofa is dirt-resistant. Orthopedics believe that a hard seat is good for the neck and waist.

Fabric sofa

According to materials, fabric sofas can be divided into pure fabric sofas and leather fabric sofas. When it comes to the style, it can be divided into leisure fabric sofas and European-style fabric sofas.

Fabric sofas have many novel styles. Compared with leather sofas and solid wood sofas, fabric sofas are more suitable for young people's preferences. Although the fabric sofa has a relatively short service life and the filler is easy to collapse, it is cost-effective and its cover can be removed and cleaned.

What performance should be considered when buying an patio sofa?


Undoubtedly, the main difference between indoor and outdoor furniture sets is the materials. What patio furniture sets require is high durability to cope with rain, sunlight, and temperature differences. Stainless steel, polyurethane rubber, waterproof fabrics, and iroko wood in tropical Africa are materials that have excellent performance in outdoor environments.

Daily storage

In extreme weather conditions, the disassembly and storage of the patio sofa become important, so it is the factor you should consider when purchasing. Yitahome’s patio sofa is very flexible and adaptable and is known for its easy disassembly, which is convenient for stacking at the end of the season or other necessary needs.


Comfort is the decisive indicator for the choice of outdoor sofa. The sofa is not only simply called a functional product, it should also give users a sense of happiness. Meanwhile, it can make the outdoor space truly practical and enjoyable. In addition, the ergonomic and comfortable design can make people stay outdoors longer.

Yitahome outdoor sofa set has comprehensive performance, which is very suitable for porches, courtyards, or other outdoor collocations. It is a customized outdoor facility with personality, being equipped with cushions that are extremely soft and comfortable.


Outdoor space is a venue for a variety of activities, so the furniture layout needs to meet multiple needs. It must reflect the maximum flexibility whether in terms of function or aesthetics


Finally, regarding the configuration of outdoor sofa, the individual style and the desired design beauty must be the center. Some products can be adapted to various styles, while others have their own unique designs. Determining which style you want to take can help narrow the options.

Comparison between two different material sofas


Fabric sofas: It is usually made of fabric materials, which are more comfortable to sit up. They are popular in modern families, but not resistant to dirt.

Solid wood sofa: You will feel extremely comfortable if sitting on the solid wood sofa with high resilience cushions. It can let you instantly relax and release fatigue because natural solid wood material is good for physical and mental health with the function of soothing nerves.


Fabric sofa: If you sit for a long time, the fabric sofa will be easily deformed. Although it is easy to disassemble and wash, the color will fade after washing, which affects the appearance. The lifespan is generally only 3-5 years.

Solid wood sofa: The general life of a solid wood sofa is about 5 times longer than that of an ordinary panel sofa.

Environmental protection

Fabric sofa: When decorating, formaldehyde pollution cannot be ignored. Why does the fabric sofa contain formaldehyde? Because the cloth can easily absorb the volatilized formaldehyde. The formaldehyde is water-soluble, so you need to wash the fabric sofa regularly. After washing, it is better to dry them in the sunshine. All in all, consider carefully when buying a fabric sofa.

Solid wood sofa: It is made of natural solid wood with a light smell. Most importantly, there is no formaldehyde. In comparison, the environmental performance of solid wood furniture is better than that of fabric sofas.

Precautions for outdoor sofa placement

Consider weather and climate

Consider the weather in the place where you live. Does it rain often? Or is it tropical with humid and hot weather? Direct sunlight will crack the wooden furniture, and the metal material will increase its temperature under the sun, making it uncomfortable to use. If you live in a place that often has tropical storms, strong convection weather, or is close to the sea, instantaneous high winds may also overturn the outdoor sofa with a lightweight such as aluminum or plastic sofa. However, the wicker patio sectional can withstand wind and rain and is very suitable for outdoor activities.

Leave space around the patio sofa

Unlike indoor furniture, the outdoor sofa does not have special functional requirements, but it must be matched according to the size of the space. Whether it is next to an open outdoor swimming pool or a small garden with a limited courtyard, remember to leave enough area for activities. You can also purchase the side table and cushion, which is flexible and you can move them at any time.

Decide the style and material according to the placement position

Is there a gazebo in your outdoor activity area? Is the sofa placed on a soft lawn or on a hard surface? Remember, never place cork framed sofa sets on the lawn floor, for the cork absorbs moisture and the frame will be damaged. I strongly recommend you to choose a wicker patio sofa because it is resistant to moisture. Direct sunlight is harmful to furniture and skin, so it is best to buy a patio canopy gazebo with netting and curtains.

Pay attention to storage space

When placing an outdoor sofa set, make sure to leave a certain amount of storage space. Yitahome's folding style outdoor sofa can save space to the greatest extent and can be used indoors and outdoors, saving you a lot of budgets.

Match with chair, table, and cushion

If you often have family gatherings, try to unify the layout here with the interior. You can buy larger chairs, coffee tables or table cloths. If you have a large courtyard, you can plan an open-air dining area and put some cushions on the dining chairs to increase comfort.

Partially use carpets and add some comfortable accessories

The effect of local carpet decoration is very good, and it can easily solve many problems. Try to find carpets that are suitable for indoor and outdoor spaces. They look like natural fibers but actually made of synthetic fibers that can withstand UV rays and are resistant to moisture.

Although outdoor natural beauty and sunshine are the focus of enjoyment, carpets, cushions, and lighting, these decorative elements can bring people a more comfortable feeling as well.

Create an independent and quiet space

Whether it is a private courtyard or a terrace on the top floor of the city, you can use curtains to decorate the surrounding environment of an outdoor sofa, which can not only divide the space but also ensure the privacy and safety of the users. Of course, you can also choose a patio gazebo with curtains.

Bright colors are the point

The color combination can be determined according to the outdoor environment. If the surrounding is mainly green plants, a woven outdoor sofa with stripes and flower patterns is a good choice. If there are many flowers, then you can choose a neutral color, such as beige, light blue or gray, etc.

Outdoor sofa set type and price

Yitahome has 4pcs, 5pcs, 6pcs, 7pcs, and 8pcs outdoor sofa set, and they all are made of wicker material.

4 piece outdoor sofa

The first is 2 seats with one side table and 2 cushions, and you can consider it as a loveseat sofa. Striped gray gives a sense of simplicity, and you can put her on the courtyard or balcony. It just costs you $358.99!

Second is blue-style PE rattan outdoor conversation sets, and 4 people can sit there. You can place them as the following picture. 3 sofas surround a table, this kind of furnishings gives people a kind of cordial feeling. You can talk with your friends face to face. In addition, blue represents business style, you can also discuss work with colleague here. Its price is $388.99!

5 piece outdoor sofa set

Personally speaking, these 2 types of outdoor sofa is very suitable for autumn. The color of the stripes is very suitable for the scene. Imagine being bathed in sunlight, drinking coffee, and listening to songs, what an enjoyment!

If you do not like the above style, you can choose the blue one. The combination of blue cushions and brown rattan gives people a sense of fashion. The price of this patio sofa is $420.99

This is retro style 5 piece outdoor sofa set.The small side table in the middle increases the sense of space, and you can drink coffee while chatting with your friend. Its price is $520.99.

6 piece wicker patio sofa

Unlike other types, 6 piece outdoor sofa is equipped with tables and cushions at the same time, and you can choose this one if your patio has enough space. Importantly, this outdoor sectional can accommodate 5 people but just costs you $579.98.

7 piece outdoor sofa

The light gray style is refreshing, and you can fully relax by using it. With a solid frame and high-quality PE wicker, it is durable. Thickened and waterproof can make you feel comfortable. Its price is $659.99.

8 piece outdoor sofa

8 piece outdoor sofa is as same as 7 piece outdoor sofa, and the difference just has an extra one seat. Its price is $719.99

10 outdoor sofa set that you cant’ buy

Don’t buy an outdoor sofa that doesn't match your family-style

When buying an outdoor sofa set, the most taboo is not to match, including the home environment and family members. In this case, even if it looks good, it is not recommended to buy because you will feel very uncomfortable when using it. For families with children, do not buy a sofa with sharp corners.

Purchase suggestion

The sofa dominates the furniture style, and it should be given priority when buying furniture.

Fully think about the characteristics of family members and purchase it according to their needs.

Sofa size and the combination should be determined on the basis of the patio area and style.

Don’t buy sofas that are too low in price

Under normal circumstances, the price of a good outdoor sofa will certainly not be particularly low. The wicker patio sectional price is generally between US$300-1000. If you find that the price is too low, please resist the temptation and carefully consider whether there are any flaws behind the low price. Of course, this is not to say that you have to buy high price items, but products that are truly cost-effective are the most worth buying.

Do not buy sofas with poor fabrics and uncomfortable touch

The fabric on the sofa is very important. It needs to be of high quality and comfortable touch. Only with good quality fabric can the sofa withstand all kinds of wind and rain and have a longer service life. Meanwhile, the comfortable touch can truly relax.

Purchase suggestion

Pull the surface of the leather sofa to see if there are cracks and mottles. If yes, the quality is definitely not good

Pay attention to whether the sofa will fade in the future.

Don't buy sofas with a strong smell

If the outdoor conversation sets have a peculiar smell, especially a pungent smell, it indicates that the emission of harmful components such as formaldehyde is exceeding the standard, which will seriously affect the safety and health of the user. Such a patio sofa is definitely not available for purchase. In addition, if the sofa has a relatively strong fragrance, you need to be cautious as well.

Purchase suggestion

The sofa with a lighter smell is better.

Don’t buy sofas with uneven surfaces

When buying outdoor furniture sets, carefully observe its surface, corners, and support frame. The uneven surface and rough corner basically show poor workmanship.

Purchase suggestion

The better the detail is, the more trustworthy this sofa will be.

Special attention points: stitches, surfaces, support frame, and corners

Don’t buy sofas that are unstable and shaken

A good patio sectional always has a stable structure. Even if it is shaken with high intensity, it should not be loose. The key to the stability of the sofa structure lies in the design of the internal frame and the materials. Generally speaking, high-strength hardwood is the most ideal material.

Purchase suggestion

Pay attention to the sofa frame when buying

A good outdoor sofa frame should be made of square hardwood and reinforced with side panels.

The frame should use few nails.

Shake sofa vigorously and watch the performance of it.

Don't buy sofas with poor comfort

The outdoor sofa is for people to enjoy, so comfort is very crucial. There are many factors related to the comfort of the sofa such as curvature, hardness and the height of the seat surface.

Generally speaking, the sofa should be ergonomically designed with moderate hardness. The seat height should be equal to or slightly lower than the height of a person's calf. In addition, the width of the sofa seat, and the height and angle of the backrest are also factors that affect comfort.

Purchase suggestion

The sofa design should conform to the ergonomic curve.

The front width of sofa seat.

Single seat outdoor sofa: less than 48 cm

Two-seat outdoor sofa: more than 95 cm

Three-seat outdoor sofa:140-145 cm

The inclination of the backrest should be 100-108 degrees.

The height of the armrests on both sides should be between 62-65 cm

Don't buy softs outdoor sofa

If the outdoor sofa set is too soft, the body will become unbalanced after sitting down and the support will be unstable, which will increase the body pressure and easily cause lumbar muscle strain. Therefore, do not buy a soft sofa.

Don't buy sofas that are too light or too heavy

A patio sofa that is too light or too heavy is not suitable for purchase. If the sofa is too light, its frame may be made of cardboard or composite board. Contrarily, the frame wood may be too wet. Therefore, the weight of the patio sofa is also the factor you need to consider when buying

Don’t buy sofas with exaggerated propaganda

Finally, when buying outdoor furniture, don’t pay too much attention to the propaganda, but focus on asking how the sofa is guaranteed such as warranty time, replacement, and after-sales service. By the way, Yitahome all outdoor sofa are free of shipping.

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