Copyright statement

Dear customers welcome to our website! To provide buyers with well-designed and high-quality furniture, we continue to recruit creative designers to improve the product’s practicality and fashionable level, ensuring that customers can receive the perfect products.

With a particularly deep understanding of copyright ownership, we have been paying close attention to whether we infringe on the work of others including the furniture we design, the image we upload, and the words we write.

Here, we are proud to say that the copyrights of all product images and promotional materials on our website are owned by the YITAHOME, or the creators have authorized us to use them.

Now we briefly introduce the source of website materials:

1. Most of the promotional materials used on our website come from the following three platforms. pixels, license; pixabay, license; kaboompic, license;
    After strict review by our UI designers, the pictures on these three platforms are authorized for personal and commercial use. Please refer to the license instructions for details.
2. We reach cooperative relationships with KOLs on various platforms, such as Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. They help us shoot videos and pictures for brand promotion. Meanwhile, they edit the product pictures and videos and grant the copyright to us. We can use them for websites, advertising, or social media.

Briefly explain the source of product images on our website:

1. Based on our design concept, we hereby declare that all product pictures on the website are taken by our company’s design department and production department based on actual products. After the professional design, they are finally put on the website. There is no plagiarism, misappropriation, or copying of any product images from other websites.

To bring a good experience to consumers, we firmly maintain market rules and never do anything illegal. Here we recommend all buyers of the YITAHOME. If you find someone who uses our pictures on other platforms, please contact us immediately. Once the situation is confirmed, we will give you generous rewards, including but not limited to sending products for free and product discounts, etc.

We will check our website frequently. If there is material infringement caused by our negligence, please notify us immediately and we will deal with it as soon as possible. We will remove it right away, and compensate for the damage that has been caused.

Finally, we hope you can have a pleasant shopping experience at YITAHOME online shop. If you have any suggestions or ideas, please contact us.

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