Coupons & Promotions

YITAHOME supplies a free shipping service for all orders which is available for U.S. customers. Coupons are always applied when an order is checked out. We apply to the coupon categories as below:

1. Promotion Coupons

Promotion coupons are available in website promotion activities, such as Black Day Promotion, Christmas Day Promotion, etc.

2. Register Rewarded Coupons

When customers sign up or register a new account, rewarded coupons will send to their personal account through email or our system automatically.

3. Coupons for New Arrival Items

These kinds of coupons are always available for new arrival products remarked on our website.

4. Coupons for Clearance

In some special time, YITAHOME will offer some clearance online through some special coupons.

5. Additional: Price-cut Product

Sometimes, YITAHOME provides some direct price-cut products without coupons.

Generally speaking, for above coupons, one coupon only is used for one item(sometimes it works on the price-cut product). In special or complicated coupon conditions, YITAHOME reserves the right of coupon explanation to customers and advertisers.

Check your coupon to see if you get an additional percentage off as follow:
P.S. The table list information about all coupon and promotion on YITAHOME website, when we provide coupons or promotions, the information will be updated within 12 hours.

Promotion Name Publish Time Promotion Type Discount Rate
Available Time Product Range

Customer Type

Hot Deal 2020/11/18 Price Cut Directly 9% - 11% 2020/11/18-2020/11/30 For details, please click: Hot Deal All Customers
Cyber Monday 2020/11/30 Full Reduction $20-$70 2020/11/30-2020/12/03 For details, please click: Cyber Monday Sale All Customers
Merry Christmas Sale 2020/12/21 Price Cut Directly & Full Reduction Up to $150 2020/12/21-2020/12/29 For details, please click: Merry Christmas All Customers
Year End Clearance 2020/12/31 Price Cut Directly & Full Reduction Up to 30% 2020/12/31-2021/1/10 For details, pls click: Year End Clearance All Customers
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