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Whether you use a bookcase for books, magazines, or for displaying your favorite collections, it is a necessary item for the home. Luckily, bookcases come in dozens of different styles, colors, shapes, and materials to suit anyone’s sense of style.

Our featured bookcase is a lovely light shelf available in 3, 4, 5, or 9 shelves, with each size falling under $150 with free shipping in the whole united states and ready-to-assemble pieces in black, white, or other colors.

Regarding the shapes, it can be divided into the wall-mounted bookcase, tree bookshelf, open bookcase and bookcase with closed-back, etc.

You can find one that meets both your sense of style and your budget here.

Wall-mounted bookcase in black/walnut/white/cherry

A simple wooden bookshelf with a mounted design and 3-5 shelves. Each shelf gets progressively narrower as the shelf moves up the wall. The sleek design makes it fantastic in any room.

Tree bookshelf

Tree bookcase stands narrow space and is easy to assemble, especially suitable for room with limited space like bedroom, study room, or corner space. It is a modern style bookshelf, and its design is similar with tree branch.

Open bookcase

The open bookcase is equipped with a steel frame of different styles, and you can put it in any corner of your home office. It is a perfect item to display your books and collections.

Bookcase with closed back

This kind of bookcase should be placed against the wall to prevent falling down the ground. There are cherry and black types for you to choose from.


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