Plan of Influencer Partnerships

Hello everyone!

Welcome to YITAHOME, in order to let our comfortable and cost-effective home office products be popular and used by more people, We plan to launch a campaign.

Slogan: Buying Is Earning.


Details as follows:

1 Who You Are

  • English speakers who live in the United States
  • Good at video editing and production, own Youtube and TikTok account is preferred
  • Know about social media promotion and have certain media fan resources. including but not limited to Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Blog, TikTok, Twitter, and Pinterest
  • Diy enthusiasts, the number of fans is not the most important, the key is that the style of your social media platform matches our products


2 Who We Are

  • YITAHOME is committed to providing customers with the most comfortable and cost-effective home and office supplies. We are headquartered in Washington, with warehouses in California, New Jersey, Georgia. We hope YITAHOME can become the most-trusted furniture brand through offering high-quality products, logistics and services


3 Influencers’ Responsibility

  • You need to record a creative video explaining the whole process from unboxing to installation after you receive the item
  • Post our product on your social media channel to let more people know about our brand and product. via video, pictures, articles, and more. Attach purchase link, brand tag
  • Authorized us to use the video, purpose including but not limited to: used for advertising materials, blog on official website, uploading to social platform, uploading to amazon store and for other commercial and non-commercial publicity. Of course, we will try our best to mark the actual author and contact information of the video and other information you require us to mark
  • If you'd like to share using experience with other customers, you can leave an honest review which with pictures or videos on amazon platform


4 Benefits

  • Free products
  • Extra remuneration
  • Exclusive value coupons for you and your fans


5 Email us to learn more:

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