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Recliner chair

For those who like comfortable and stylish furniture, recliner chair is a perfect choice. It can be divided into fabric recliner chair and leather recliner chair.

Whether you are off from heavy work, drag your tired body to take a break, or just want to find a place to read a book, our electric recliner chair can totally meet your demand.

As one of the multifunctional home furniture, the recliner chair is a choice you can't miss. It can be placed in any area of your home including the living room, bedroom, or study.

Relax your body with recliner chair

With 8 point massage and heating, it can relieve fatigue and solve some health problems, especially for people who suffer from chronic back pain, sleep disorders, and stress. All in all, an electric recliner chair can improve your life quality both mentally and physically.

Choose the material, style, and color you like at YITAHOME to fully decorate your living room. You can buy a high-quality recliner chair at a discounted price!


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