37 Gallon Large Outdoor Dual Rotating Compost Bin with Aeration System, Orange

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With the special design and excellent aeration system of this split dual chamber, you can easily and efficiently convert kitchen and yard waste into rich soil-enhancing compost.


  • 37 GALLON DUAL COMPOST BIN- 2x18.5 gal separate chamber design empowers these ready-to-use all season gardening compost goals; Elevates efficiency by allowing additions of fresh scraps & clippings to one side, while leaving the other side to cure, thereby creating an uninterrupted flow of rich compost.
  • GREAT AERATION DESIGN- All our compost tumblers are configured with aeration holes and deep fins to facilitate airflow, enabling abundant oxygen to mix with the compost and decompose the clumps and achieving better composting effects.
  • 360° TUMBLING COMPOSTER- Remove the hassles of manual digging and mixing compost; Deep flaps on eight panels work in tandem with 2 deep grooves to smoothly rotate the compost bin and promote the composting process.
  • STUDY & DURABLE- Premium PP material is braced with a sturdy steel frame, granting solid structure with 150 lbs. load capacity and weather resistance for lasting use; Large opening and detachable sliding doors supply easy access to add ingredients and remove finished compost.
  • EASY ASSEMBLY- Assembly is a breeze for anyone within 20 mins by following the clear instructions included and using the complementary gloves and screwdriver; In hot summer weather, compost can finish in as little as 2 weeks.
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