3.96 Gallon Portable Toilet with T-Type Water Outlets

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Type:No spray gun and bag
Sewage Tank:15L
Clean Water Tank:10L


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Our portable toilet is made of high-quality, environmentally friendly materials . It has a large capacity for both freshwater and wastewater, allowing multiple uses. The T-shaped outlet and handle pump make cleaning more effective. The detachable and rotatable design facilitates easy disposal of waste. It can be used for various purposes including camping, traveling, and outdoor activities, and is suitable for pregnant women, the elderly, patients, and children.



Environmental Protection Materials

It is formed of high-density HDPE and PP environmentally friendly materials, it's a robust structure and durability. The utmost load-bearing capacity is 441 pounds.

High Capacity

The portable toilet features a 2.6 gallon (10 liters) freshwater tank and a 3.96 gallon (15 liters) wastewater tank, ensuring that the camping portable toilet is often used multiple times.

T-shaped Outlet

The RV toilet is T-type water outlets, which is more comprehensively cleans the stains on the dead corners; And the handle pump design allows you to pressurize and flush the toilet.

Movable and Rotatable

The composting toilet is detached by latches on each side for dumping sewage. The rotating nozzle allows you to quickly empty it. There's a valve on the composting toilet to shut off the waste.


The portable potty is a necessary for camping or travelling , it can be used for outdoor and  car, RVs, boats, mobile home use, van, construction site places with inadequate sanitary facilities.

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