41.7" Stylish Solid Wood Dog Crate Furniture Dog House Dog Kennel for Large Medium Dogs

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The YITAHOME 41.7-inch solid wood dog crate furniture is a chic and meticulously designed doghouse that not only fulfills the needs for indoor and outdoor use but also incorporates the functionality of a table. It is crafted from robust and durable solid wood material, featuring a sliding door design to provide a comfortable living space for large and medium-sized dogs. Whether it serves as a home decor piece or offers a safe and cozy abode for your furry friend, this dog crate furniture excels in both aspects. It adds a touch of elegance to your household, ensuring that your beloved pet is cared for and pampered in a fashionable environment.



The Multi-functional Pet Haven

Blending safety and stylish home living! It offers a secure haven for your furry companion while elevating your living space to another level with this unique dog crate furniture. Choose from childhood desk corners, bedroom cabinets, and more.

Meticulously Crafted for Durability

Made from natural wood, this large solid wood dog shelter furniture withstands the toughest chewing tests and adds a touch of rustic charm to your home. Invest in furniture that perfectly integrates with your life, prioritizing your pet's comfort and safety.

Enhanced Functionality and Practicality

Designed with wheels, this dog crate furniture allows for easy mobility within your home. The double-door lock provides additional security and peace of mind. No need to compromise between functionality and aesthetics.

Spacious and Comfortable Living Space

This shelter is a perfect paradise for pets weighing up to 70 pounds. Breeds like Border Collies, Shiba Inus, English Bulldogs, and Huskies can all enjoy the generous cabin. Whether placed on the balcony, porch, or living room, it offers a comfortable refuge for your furry friends, both indoors and outdoors.

Easy Cleaning Solution

The bottom plastic tray can accommodate annoying crumbs, fur, and spills, ensuring a tidy space for your dog without soiling the floor. You can also place a soft cushion on the tray, transforming it into a cozy haven, providing a comfortable and level resting surface for your furry companion.

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