17 L Wash Basin Stand Hand Washing Station Portable Sink for Outdoor

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The camping sink is a portable and versatile solution for your outdoor hand washing needs. With a convenient foot pump, you can easily pump out a stream of water without needing to use your hands. The sink can hold up to 17 liters of fresh water and made of high-quality materials that meet food safety standard. It also features a liquid soap dispenser and a folding bar for added convenience. With easy assembly and portability, this camping sink is an essential addition to your outdoor activities.




Free Your Hands

Just step on the foot pump by one step to pump out a stream of water about 0.2 L (0.05 gallon); The portable camping sink can contain 17 L (4.5 gallon) fresh water; Satisfy all your emergency needs somewhere lacks water。

High Quality & Safe

The hand washing table is made of high-quality polyethylene and Pede, which meets food safety standards. Used for cleaning food, tableware, etc. The surface of the camping wash basin can prevent the adhesion of garbage and is easier to clean.

Liquid Soap Dispenser & Folding Bar

3 liters (0.8 gallons) of liquid soap can wash items more than 3000 times. The thoughtful foldable bar is very convenient for hanging towels and roller organization. These humanized designs keep you clean and comfortable outdoors.

Rapid Assembly

Equipped with an easy-to-grasp handle and built-in rollers, you can easily move the RV sink to your destination. According to the easy-to-understand detailed instruction manual, the outdoor sink can be set up in a few minutes (no other tools are required).

Mobile Health Station

Wherever you are, the portable camping sink is ideal for camping or travel without taking up too much space. It can be used in gardens, outdoor and camping activities, cars, recreational vehicles, ships, mobile families, trailers, ships, trucks, and construction sites to solve the problem of insufficient sanitary facilities for on-site operation. In addition, especially suitable for trucks, the elderly, and patients.

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