2.6 Gallon Portable Toilet Double Water Outlet

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Type:Double Outlet
Capacity(cu Ft):Sewage Tank: 10L


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Our environmentally friendly portable toilet is made from durable high-density PP and ABS materials. It can hold up to 275 pounds and is designed for multiple uses, saving you time. With its efficient flushing system and pressure flushing pump, it effectively flushes sewage. Its small footprint makes it perfect for outdoor activities and travel. The toilet is easily removable and features a sliding valve to prevent leakage and odors.




Environmentally friendly materials

In order to make it strong and durable, we use high-density PP and ABS environmentally friendly materials. It can meet people's needs and has a maximum load of 275 pounds.

Large capacity design

This portable toilet has a large enough capacity for your convenience. It is equipped with a 3.2 gallon (12L) freshwater storage tank and a 2.6 gallon (10L) wastewater storage tank. It can be used multiple times.

Double outlet design

The design of double outlet flushing is realized by the use of a push-type flush pump in the toilet. After pressurization, it is strong enough to effectively flush garbage and materials.


In camping and traveling, a portable toilet is an essential tool for you. It occupies a small area and is very suitable for field operations.

Stable and effective

Portable toilets can dump sewage very effectively because the toilet is equipped with latches on both sides. And the lower part can be firmly fixed to maintain stability during use.

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