53 inches Birdcage Cover and Bird Cage for Pets

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2 Extra Birdcage Covers: 

White seed catcher can prevent messy seeds and floating feathers from scattering on the floor, and black birdcage cover can block 90% of sunlight and ultraviolet rays out,It good for birds to rest and sleep.

Secure door lock

The glossy lock is special designed for Parakeets to keep it save in cage. Even the smartest little guy like Parrot can't open it, more complex and secure than traditional latches

Convenient Cleaning

The large Parrot cage is equipped with Wrought iron wire and a slide-out tray, which makes it more simple to clean bird droppings and their food.

Ideal for Small/Medium Birds

With dimensions of 24''×17''×53''(L×W×H?? the large bird cage can easily accommodate 2-3 birds like budgerigars, parakeets, parrots, cockatiels, lovebirds, etc.

Easy to move

4 universal 360-degree swivel wheels are equipped so you can effortlessly relocate the bird cage quickly and safely; Spacious storage rack sits on wheels to grant ample space for pet supplies


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