Metal 2-Tiers Small Animal Cages Indoor Critter Nation Cage Single-Story

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This pet crate is made with ease and durability in mind, with the safety of your pet as a top priority. Its hard-sided frame structure achieves longer service life and is available in an elegant black finish to enhance the overall appeal. Keeping your pets confined has never been so easy!



Anti-slip design

The chinchilla cage with the plastic platform and stairs is wrapped with nylon, which will have better anti-slip performance. It can also protect the feet of ferrets from being hurt.

Secure door lock

 The door lock is specially designed for small animals to keep ferrets, and chinchillas safe in cages. Even the smart little guy like squirrels or small cats can't open it, more complex and secure than traditional latches.

Interactive skylight

The ceiling of the guinea pig cage is equipped with an openable door, which can not only facilitate the director to clean the interior but also allow you to interact more closely with your pets.

Spacious Space

This critter nation cage with 2-Tiers allows several small animals to have fun at the same time; The anti-slip wide ramps expand the playing and resting area for large small pets like guinea pigs, squirrels, chinchillas, ferrets, rabbits, hedgehogs, etc.

Easy to move

This hamster cage has 4 universal wheels that can rotate 360 °, so you You can easily move or transport it indoors and outdoors! In addition, there is a storage rack with wide space above the wheel for keeping pet accessories handy and neat.

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