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  1. 3 gorgeous outdoor decor inspiration for patio

    3 gorgeous outdoor decor inspiration for patio

    Outdoor space renovation can make a big impact on your home life. How to create a stylish and cozy space without breaking your budget?

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  2. Thanksgiving day furniture checklist-celebrate your feast

    furniture sale

    You can certainly make your room more comfortable and beautiful on this Thanksgiving day with all of the discounted furniture being offered by YITAHOME!

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  3. 5 easy steps to buy a sofa

    sofa buying guide

    Sofa, as the most practical and decorative furniture in the living room, can directly affect the overall style and taste of your life. It plays a decisive factor in the living room. So how do choose it?

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  4. Home storage solutions to save your budget (under $200)

    Home storage solutions to save your budget (under $200)

    It's always a good time to give your home a new look whatever from the entryway to a bedroom or from the playroom to the basement. There are some economically friendly products to make your organization easier without breaking your budget.

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  5. Wood file cabinet VS steel file cabinet

     file cabinet

    Many people are wondering to choose a wood file cabinet or a steel file cabinet. What’s the difference between them?

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  6. Up to 50% off Labor Day Sale! Best money-saving chance

    furniture labor day sale

    Up to 50% off home furniture sale? Don't believe it? it's true! YITAHOME labor day sale will bring you up to 50% off, your best money-saving time.

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  7. Back to school sale-up to 35% off

    home furniture

    It’s overwhelming and frustrating to shop everything for back to school. How to make it a little easier and get what really matter? YITAHOME back to school sale give you a right direction to focus on the necessary item for your new semester.

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  8. The top rated wood filing cabinet

    The top rated filing cabinet

    How to make your papers organized and easily accessible? All you need is a filing cabinet with drawers.

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  9. Summer big sale!!! Up to 40% off | Best pick for you

    home furniture

    YITAHOME summer big sale is running now, if you have no idea what to buy, check here to find your favorite one.

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