Massage chair buying guide

Massage chair

The massage chair is specially designed to relax your body and enjoy a wonderful massage at home no matter when a bad mood attacks you or overwhelming work comes to you. When buying a massage chair, you should make yourself clear about some important factors such as massage rollers, budget and massage tracks, etc.

Massage Rollers

It mainly includes 2D, 3D, or 4D massage roller that is used to bring a more enjoyable massage feeling.

The 2D roller massage chair works in a gentle way, which means it exercises your surface muscles and back without going deep.

The 3D roller massage chair can penetrate deeply into the muscles of the shoulders and back, and the vibration is more intense. These rollers can extend farther from the track so that your whole body can be massaged, which is beyond the reach of ordinary massage.

The 4D roller massage chair can rotate and hit different angles to obtain the maximum penetration and precise massage that the 3D roller massage chair can’t do.

There is no doubt that from 2D to 4D rollers, the price of massage chairs has risen step by step.YITAHOME massage chair adopts to 3D rollers that allow you to enjoy full body massage.


Overall cost should be carefully considered, sometimes it requires multiple visits to decide which to buy. The price range on the market is $1000 to $6000, and a significant investment always matches a great massage chair. YITAHOME massage chair is reasonable in price and good in quality.

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An affordable chair, coupled with trustworthy quality, is always more attractive than other chairs.

Massage Tracks

The S-track mainly focus on the back, while the L-track can reach from neck to back with a longer track length so as to give you a better massage experience.

Massage chair comes with different features and prices. If you have no idea how to choose, consider the brand firstly. YITAHOME is a famous home furniture brand in the US market, and our massage chair not only maximizes your investment but also brings you an unparalleled massage experience!

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