Shoe box VS shoe rack, which is better?

shoe box

A messy pile of shoes scattering on the floor is really an embarrassing thing. Regarding to the shoe collection, shoe box and shoe rack are 2 common storage solutions. What’s the difference between them? Which is better?

Shoe Boxes

Plastic shoe box is a wise alternative, for they can provide your shoes with the highest level of protection, effectively avoiding extreme temperature, dust and moisture. The drop-front door brings great flexibility, so you can access the shoes you want easily. What kind of shoes can be stored in the shoe box? It can be sports shoes, high heels, boots, leather shoes and slippers, especially leather shoes, the shoebox can protect the leather and organic materials very well.

Keep shoes clean and dry before storing them in shoe box to prevent bacterial growth.

Keeping the shoes in the original boxes is a way to save money, but you may forget them because you can’t see them sitting in the opaque box. The plastic shoe box help you to clearly see what it is inside. In addition, to save space, you can place the shoe box in your closet, which is also convenient to reach all you want when dressing yourself up for a date.

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Shoe rack

A growing number of people prefer to arrange one or more shoe racks in the room. Undeniably, this is a handy way to store shoes.

What’s the advantage of shoe rack?

First, shoe rack can keep your floor clean. If you are a family with many children, and you can not stop your children from walking in the garden or playing with friends on the wet and muddy ground. The shoe rack in the entryway can avoid the dirty shoes entering the room, bringing you a neat and comfortable living space.

Second, shoe rack keep your shoes in good condition and allows you to see all your shoes in one eyeshot.

However, compared with shoe box, shoe rack is not effective as shoe box to protect shoes from extreme weather, dust and moisture, for all the shoes are exposed int the air.

Personally, I prefer to buy a shoe box to store all my shoes, because it is more stylish than shoe rack, and the stackable feature allows me to place them in the way I want. What’s your option?



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