The different decoration ideas for fabric dresser

fabric dresser

YITAHOME fabric dresser comes with different styles and colors, no matter what you like, you always can find one that both fits for your organization and decoration needs.

Relaxed living space option

If you want to create a relaxed environment, a light gray series fabric dresser can be your choice.

For the living room, use 5 drawer fabric dresser and 4 drawer fabric dresser together. Place a TV on the top of the 5 drawer chest for daily entertainment, and place the 4 drawer chest on the side to store the small items such as toys and books. Also, paint the wall into light blue, coupled with 2 light blue chairs, all can give people a kind of fresh feeling.

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For the bedroom, 8 drawer fabric dresser and 5 drawer dresser together can bring a cozy environment. Hang the artwork or photos on the wall above the dresser. Place a big mirror, lamp, or makeup on the wooden top, then use the 8 drawer chest to organize your shoes, clothes, and pants etc.  


Rustic living space option

If you prefer rustic living space, you should focus on the dark gray series fabric dresser.

For the living room, centered on the sofa, place 2 fabric chests on both sides. If you have more organization needs, add a 5 drawer chest against the wall to store your albums, vases, and other collections. The carpets always make the whole space look more vigorous.


For the bedroom, 10 drawers fabric dresser, coupled with 5 drawer fabric chest, always can delight your daily life. Never forget to hang your favorite painting on the wall, and the perfect mirror can not only fit your decoration needs but also make your room look brighter.

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